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Having spent 20 years in the recruitment industry Tony Line is extremely knowledgeable of the required recruitment legislation. This ensures that he operates Kent Recruitment Bureau in the most professional and compliant way.

During his recruitment career he has managed and trained many employees, making sure that they and the companies he has worked for are fully complaint with all areas of legislation and comply and work to the REC code of conduct.

With the recent introduction of the GDPR, Tony really embraces this legislation and feels many elements of it will have a positive impact on the recruitment industry and potentially stop some bad practices that take place. With reference to this legislation please see below how Kent Recruitment Bureau complies with it providing our clients and candidates with total transparency:

  • Due to the fact that Kent Recruitment Bureau does not deal with the temporary marketplace minimal sensitive personal data is actually stored and processed, only the work history of candidates and their contact details. However, Kent Recruitment Bureau will only store and process the information of candidates if their consent has been obtained at every stage of the recruitment process.
  • The Recruitment CRM Kent Recruitment Bureau has invested in is one of the best in the market. Voyager Infinity SaaS. Voyager Infinity is hosted on Microsoft’s highly respected Azure cloud platform.
  • Please view Kent Recruitment Bureau’s Data Protection Policy and Privacy Policy should you wish to
  • Kent Recruitment Bureau’s IT is supported by J&J Systems www.jjsystems.co.uk who undertake the following;
    • Management of software licences
    • Management of operating systems, applications and patching
    • Management of malware & antivirus software
    • Backups
    • Desktop pc & laptop firewall configuration
  • Kent Recruitment Bureau uses laptops and mobile phones that could hold personal data are all encrypted
  • Kent Recruitment Bureau operates a paperless policy
  • Kent Recruitment Bureau has never and will never send candidates to clients without speaking with the candidate first
  • Kent Recruitment Bureau is a REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) member and has recently completed and passed the compliance exam to obtain this membership.

Should you what to find out more about Kent Recruitment Bureau’s level of compliance please get in contact with Tony.